1. Deliverance from death:
In the year 2012 at the Easter Leadership Conference Papa made a statement that he wished we all should take our pictures because by the same time next year we will be looking different. This statement sounded simple and ordinarily but I took it as a Prophecy. When I looked at myself on the screen, I rejected what I saw saying this cannot be me and instantly I said according to what your servant has said, I will look different next year. My younger sister who also was in the crowd saw me and was not happy. But she encouraged me saying "hold on to what your father in the Lord has said and it shall come to pass in your life". In the month of May 2012 I fell sick, it was so serious that I had to be flown from Jos to Lagos. When Papa came to pray for me, I could not even walk or talk. I kept saying to myself "I cannot die" because your servant said I will look different in 2013. I really thank God because I saw death face to face but God delivered me. Glory be to God in Jesus name. Pastor. Kayode.A.

2. Healing of chronic 9 years back pain:

I have been having chronic back pain for over 9 years. But at one of our Power Encounter Services, the man of God prayed for me and instantly I received my healing. Praise God. Deaconess Peace.O.

3. Healing of compound fracture.

I had a serious motor bike accident in 2011 and had multiple fractures on my left leg. I had several operation to align the bones of my leg but after every operation, the bones simply refused to come together. So I had to be moving around after some months with clutches. I was scheduled for another operation but decided to attend our monthly Power Encounter Program. That particular Saturday  Papa called me out and prayed for me anointing my leg with oil. To the glory of God, when an x-ray was done on the leg it was discovered that the bones had aligned perfectly without the operation. I give God the glory and I thank Papa. Sister Feyi A.

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